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A conducting baton that you will want to use for years takes time to make. I invite you to look and see my work. Each of my baton handles are turned one at a time. I use great looking woods and now acrylics to make a baton just as individual as you are. It has been a journey to find what works best for a conducting baton that I would use. Even during rehearsal I could never use just any stick. The stick has to feel right. I hope that you like what you see as much as I like them. My batons are a great value starting at $40.00 each with free shipping in the US. Try one and feel why I say
"A Great Place for a Great Conducting Baton".

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Conducting Baton

 Opus No.1 has a bulb on the end with a nib at the stick end. Some have said that this helps them control the baton.

Conducting baton

 Opus No.2 is a classic tapered handle.

Conducting Baton

Opus No.3 is my homage to a classic by Harrison Hurtz. As you can see it uses two reverse cones.

Conducting Baton

Opus No.4 is a classic bulb. Hard to improve on this one.

Soft and Light Woods 

Conducting Baton

Great wood but getting harder to locate.

Conducting Baton
Conducting Baton

The most popular woods

Conducting Baton

Look at all these colors! If you like tapered handle all the colors will work. The problem is if you like a handle that is closer to 7/8 of an inch. Not all colors come large enough to make a large handle. Contact me and I will let you know what will work for your needs.

Woods come in different densities. Above are Woods that are just naturally lighter and work really well for smaller batons

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What people are saying about Music Works Custom Batons.

“Alan was very quick to respond to a custom baton request. His recommendations and questions led to a balanced, firm product that I am very happy with. I'll be back for more!”
Stephen P Brown,Principal Conductor at Patel Conservatory “I have just purchased one of Alan's batons and have to say how impressed I am with the quality of the workmanship, service and speedy delivery. I would recommend his batons to any conductor.” Bruce Fraser, Kirkcaldy, United Kingdom

A new music store that is carrying Music Works Custom Batons said.
Alan, They have been selling really well, better than the other batons we have. I really like how they look. I haven't heard a lot of feedback except One guy got really excited because they were different than what he has (in his collection) I think he bought 5. The 2 acrylic batons were gone in as many days. That was unexpected. I hope to get another order ready and approved soon.
Thanks for the great batons. Thanks Alan, I got it today. It is PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maestro
Hallelujah it just magically arrived in today's mail! (And it is beautiful and nicely weighted and balanced.) I will wrap it quickly so that I am not tempted to keep it for myself. Love it!
Thank you LeAnn

Alan- I ordered two batons from you and they came in the mail last Friday. It was such a horrible and long day, it just made my day to find the package in the mail. Thank you for doing everything (contacting me, asking questions, making, and mailing the batons) so quickly. I love the bumble bee baton and was showing it off to my students today. I am giving the black/white ebony one as a gift this afternoon. I whole-heartily love my baton and plan on ordering another in the near future! your happy customer- Caitlin McConnell (ps- this is the only time I have ever been so happy with a product I felt the need to contact them as soon as I could!)

Hi Alan! Love it, love it, love it !!!! I gave my son the baton for a late Christmas gift and he went crazy. The first thing he did was check the balance and it is perfect! Now I want to order him another one of a different color. He was so thrilled I thought he would cry. He is a singer (high tenor), a musician, a conductor, an instructor and private tutor (and was nominated for a Grammy Award last year). He has never had his own baton and always had to borrow one. He flew back to Florida today and I thought he was going to hold it in his hand all the way back so nothing would happen to it :-) Your work is fabulous and the weighting of the baton is absolutely perfect. Thank you for making his Christmas one of the best he has ever had! You will be hearing from me soon.

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Conducting Baton  Opus No.1
Conducting Baton  Opus No.2
Conducting Baton  Opus No.3
Conducting Baton  Opus No.4

Contact Us You can either contact me directly or go through the Shopping Cart. Cost of each baton will be $40.00 for the wood handles and $52.50 for the Acrylic/all wood Batons. free shipping in the U.S.
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